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Internet Access

Printing & Scans, Video & Skype Calls, Movies, Series & Gaming

URA Tax Returns

Business Registration, URA TIN Applications, KCCA Coin & Trading Licence Application

Website Design

Mobile App Development, Web System & Email Hosting, ERP systems for Schools, Hospitals & Hotels.

VISA Applications

VISA appointments and applications to U.S.A, U.K, Canada, China, Schengen VISA, Austrailia, South Africa e.t.c. as well as airline ticket booking.

We are you're go-to guys for all your Internet and Digital services. We are the longest serving internet cafe in Kampala, located on Plot 4 Kimathi Avenue, in the heart of the city.

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We are an internet service hub located in the hearty of Kampala, on Plot 4 Kimathi avenue.

We are the go-to guys for all you internet resource services.

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